About the Company

Chiketa, LLC, was founded on a simple concept, which was conceived in the mid to late 1990’s, by two young entrepreneurial spirited Indians, Rahul Sarkar and Arup Sinha Roy. (Rahul has been based in the US since 1986 while Arup has been and continues to be based in India.)

The concept was that the vast skilled manpower base, underutilized technical resources and the latent industrial prowess in the small and medium enterprises that existed throughout India could be made accessible to the small to mid-sized companies in the West. To put things in perspective, in those days, the terms outsourcing, BPO, KPO, etc were still relatively uncommon in India or even the West. Today Chiketa is involved in global sourcing, although the company specializes in India outsourcing. It is among the leading India sourcing company.

Why cater to only small to mid-sized Western companies and not larger players such as General Motors, Ford, LG Electronics, Samsung, Sony, Amway, Tupperware, Pepsico, McDonald’s, IBM, Oracle, Microsoft, Aviva, Nortel, Nokia?

The latter have their own operations in India and are even contemplating product diversification, setting up their manufacturing operations in India, increasing the existing production capacity, establishing research centers in India, etc. Such in-country ventures and ambitious endeavors are not so easily undertaken by small to medium enterprises (SME’s) on their own.

SME’s could benefit from the opportunities of India if the risks and “sunk costs” were minimized and if the inherent hassles of entering an emerging country like India would be “invisible” to the Western client. Hence what could be an otherwise painstaking and expensive exercise could be an attractive, low investment venture for a Western SME.

This simple concept was first implemented in late 2002 with the formation of the first of the companies started by Rahul. Chiketa, LLC was formed in the spring of 2008 and continues improving on the initial concept through ever expanding product offerings.

A recent Fortune International article mentions that while “India begins to shed its image of inefficiency and poor workmanship, it is proving that it can produce internationally competitive products….only a third of Indian manufacturing deserves these plaudits. The rest is stuck in its old ways, with little care for, or pride in, quality.”

The problem is that most large global companies have already saturated, with outsourcing projects, that 1/3rd of Indian companies who have achieved globally competitive standards.

If you are entering India at present, you will be faced with capacity and pricing issues at these world-class Indian companies or will be left to seek out other companies who have also progressed along that road of achieving global standards.

However, finding these companies from amongst the several hundreds of thousands of companies spread out across India can be a formidable and expensive task.

Having Chiketa be your partner in India will ultimately save you money, as there will be no need for “trial- and-error” in trying to find reliable partner companies in India. We offer you a team – vibrant companies, effective and successful, with proven track records in delivering western customer needs and expectations.

Chiketa helps introduce you to India for your business needs. We help clients who have the need for cost savings via products or services in India. We assist clients in setting up operations in India, by incubating a company for them there. We also aid clients with selling their products in India.

If India is in your business plans, then Chiketa can get things done for you.

This team of entrepreneurs, technocrats and their companies has been assembled over years of painstaking search and research in the process of providing customers a balance between cost and quality products and services.

Rahul Sarkar

Rahul Sarkar, founder of Chiketa, LLC, and Director of Chiketa Eximan Services Pvt. Ltd., India. He is a licensed professional engineer with Doctoral level education in Materials Science and Metallurgy with a minor in Mechanical Engineering. He has a distinguished track record in quality management/Six Sigma systems, lean manufacturing and manufacturing systems development for error-free processes. He has designed the manufacturing and quality systems at many mid-sized US manufacturing companies with excellent results. Rahul’s businesses have a successful track record in low-cost country sourcing out of India since 2003.

Bharat Bhushan

Bharat Bhushan, Director of Chiketa Eximan Services Pvt. Ltd., is a degreed Mechanical Engineer and has 30 years of experience in sourcing, procurement, vendor development, supply chain management, and exports for Western companies. He manages the Chiketa India Operations. He has managed numerous product development projects for US and European companies out of India. He has a very strong understanding of a wide breadth of manufacturing technologies. He has led new product development programs from the initial stages of the APQP process through the PPAP stages, production and quality control processes, ensuring product development and manufacturing as per control plans, and ultimately managing inbound and outbound logistics and exports. He is well versed with problem-solving tools like 8D, DMAIC FBD, etc. and renowned for having a keen eye for process improvement and cost reduction opportunities.